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2006 January 20   Just wondered how Sollis came into your pedigree: Although not a Faringdon person by birth, I am by descent - my Great Grandfather was William Sollis - born in the mid 1820's, went off to the Crimea in the mid fifties, returned to Faringdon somewhere between de-mob in 1856 and the 1861 census (with his wife, Louisa GREEN) via Worsley, Manchester, spent some time in London around the 1881 census then came to Derby where he died in 1910. I have a web site with some of that detail,

2004 August 25   Earlier this year you were kind enough to give me some info on Gran Paradiso, all gratefully received. I just thought I would now write to let you know we had a successful trip to the area, and after 4 days walking starting from Valgrisenches we climbed, or more accurately, walked, to the top of Gran Paridiso. We aclimatised by the walk in and by staying at various refuges including Bezzi, and Benevolu and arrived at Vittoria Emanuelle the afternoon before. I must admit that we were almost put off by the masses of advanced kit and gear displayed by all the Italians, Germans and French gathering at the hut, but we did as you did I believe, and followed a guided party up from the hut at 4.15 am. In a way, the start would probably have been the hardest part to follow, since once off the rocks and rubble at the beginning, the route was clearly visible with our torches. We made it to the top at about 8.45, quite honestly without the slightest problem, since the pace the party in front of us had set was slow and steady, and once on the ice and snow, we found we were probably quicker than many of the others.

We were blessed with a wonderful day, and after the summit we made our way back in the most leisurely way we could to Rifugio Chabod, rather than back to Emmanuelle, so that we could continue on on the following day, and eventully return to Aosta via Colgne. We honestly didn't want to come down, it was so good. The next day was rain and snow, and was thoroughly miserable, so we could not have been more lucky with our summit day.

Anyway, excuse the ramblings, but I did want to express our thanks for the info you provided, which was both accurate, helpful, and probably most important, reassuring! Thanks again, and we now have photos galore to cheer us up over the winter months ahead.

2004 July 26   Much of the research I have read suggests that at Shelley's funeral, Byron leaped forward and cut out Shelley's heart and began to devour it. Byron worshiped Shelley and always felt as if he were living in his shadow. Certainly, Byron's peotry, though beatiful and lyrical, cannot compare with Shelley's raw emotion. Byron squandered his passion; Shelley conquered his. "I die, I faint, I fail. I fall upon the thorns of life; I bleed."

2005 March 17   We are a group of 3 walkers who are considering climbing Gran Paradiso. We have done a winter mountaineering course, have used crampons and ice axes, and have done via feratas etc in the Pyrenees so are used to heights. We are however wondering whether we should do Gran Paradiso on our own, or whether we should join a guided party. Have you any thoughts on the matter.

Obviously any decision is totally our own responsibility, but I would appreciate your comments on the degree of technical experience needed to get to the top.

2005 January 6   I'm directing a play in my University Theatre in a couple of months and was hoping I could use one of your images - - as a projection on the back of the stage, please. Is this OK?

2004 October 24   Dear Harry, Although the website is very well structured, I still don't know enough about you. For example, you mention Harry is a pen name, but you don't provide any introduction to your work - literary or otherwise. Or may be it is because 4 in the morning, and I can hardly see.

My other question for you is, how can I advertise my website on the net, which I have been operating to raise money for my PhD in English after going on a sponsored walk in Cornwall? I'd love your comments and anyone else reading this feedback on

You are lucky to be in Cornwall, it is so inspiring down there - London is driving me crazy. I'm writing a book at the moment about my life and experience in Palestine, where I come from. Some of chapters of it are on the website. I'd love it if you could give me your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment. And hope to hear from you soon.

2004 June 20   I work for the CapitalWeekly newspaper (, which is the largest and most influential newspaper in Bulgaria, Europe. I write about IT and computer technologies, but also about lifestyle, travelling and other topics concerning how to spend spare time. All these topics a covered by a subsidiary issue called CapitalLight, which is an integral part of the newspaper, i.e. they are issued together and sold together, not separately. I got on your site by pure accident and I was frankly amazed to see those great colour photopgraphs of my home city Sofia, which you have taken during your trip to the UK. I`ve decided to write an article about your site with a short annotation on your trip. But most of all I am interested in the pictures. That is why I would like to ask whether there is a possibility to publish them and you to provide me with copies of a better resolution. All copyrights would be mentioned in the article with a strict reference to you and to your site. I`m looking forward to your answer.

2004 January 15   Your doubts about the paternity of Allegra are ones that I share. Indeed, I, too, have thought about exploring the subject in depth. The manipulative natures of Shelley and Clare, and the many odd details of their behavior lend credence to the hypothesis that Shelley could easily have been Allegra's father--a possibility which I have discussed informally with my classes for several years. It may be possible to move from speculation (and deduction) to actual proof.

2004 January 13   you sick idiot, it's because of liars like you that people have a warped opinion of these writers, get your facts straight, do some f*****g research,stop damaging the reputation of people who have already suffered enough in their own lifetimes, and wash your mouth out with soap, you liar.

2004 January 6   The biographies of Horace have been mostly romantic balderdash. Even Suetonius, and more so such erudites such as Frankel and Williams perpetuate a very gentlemanly picture of him. Your comments are very sane and down to earth. Horace himself leaves very little to reveal himself. It would appear that Horace in all his poses presents himself as a safe man no longer wishing to find himself out on a limb after the tragic results of his association with the Republicans. - Lector Horationis

2003 December 8   I have just finished reading the synopsis of Dark Summers and enjoyed it very much. The site says its based on a full length work. How can I find that work?

2003 December 2   I like your page very much. Well done!

2003 October 18   Some years ago with my wife I stayed one night on the Lizard peninsular, we were in a farmhouse on the point, in a room facing the sea. In the night there was a howling gale and we had to move into a room at the back of the house to get any sleep. A never forgotten episode!

2003 October 9   This is interesting, but articles 4 and 6 are the same. Please put the correct content on page 4. It currently discusses Horace's and Maecenas' deaths.

2003 September 16   This site has been one of the most helpful sites that I have found. It is even better than the encyclopedia websites.

2003 September 14   you wouldn't happen to come from Glasgow,Scotland?

2003 July 7   I visited your site because I noticed a post on a newsgroup regarding a problem you (Harry, I presume) had with anchors and PHP generated pages. I am about to start on a project that has a requirement to go to an anchor on a PHP-generated page when the page initially loads.

In looking at your site (I'm using IE 6) it appears that the problem you described in the newsgroup (that of anchors not being precisely positioned at the top of the page with IE 6) has been resolved. Did you have to do anything unusual to achieve the results you wanted?

2003 March 19   Found your site as I was looking up information on Poltesco Mill. Am similarly enamoured with the Lizard Peninsula - lucky enough to have spent a year living in Ruan Minor but now only get back for holidays. The area is certainly inspirational and I enjoyed what you've written of Inventing Emily and look forward to more. I wonder have you read Du Maurier's House in the Strand? Best wishes.