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2005 October 28   I've been looking for a particular cartoon film for months and am having no luck - it's probably really easy to look in archives but have no idea how to do a search. I'm looking for a particular film I saw as a kid (I'm 23) but I'm sure its way older - maybe 1960's or older - it was a chinese film (I think) but dubbed in english. if you can help me look please get back to me as I want to present it to a friend and maybe even watch it again.

2005 October 26   I am a film script writer. I want you to help me sell my scripts.

2005 February 8   In the 1983 section you have no film! how can this be? In 1983 one of the best ever gangster films was released: Scarface Robert Deniro

2005 January 31   I am preparing information to complement a Web site for a retrospective/festival of Louise Brooks films in July 2005. The event will occur in Richmond, Va., (where Louise, near as I know, never even visited--but I administrate a theater here).

One section of the site, for those who don't know her well, is titled, "Who Was She?" I would like to use excerpts from your critiques of both "Canary" an "Prix" as I think they offer good, cogent evaluations.

And in the "for what it's worth" category: with Louise's dark hair and eyes and petite physique, I think she looks more French than you give her credit--certainly she is closer to French appearance than German--despite Pabst's intoxication with her.

Indeed, Barry Paris records an audience member hissing at Louise that she had no right to play "their Lulu." Nationalist sensibilities aside, "Pandora" remains a cinematic achievement and Louise is amazing.

The gritty, kitchen sink vérité of "Prix" is also interesting. Those secretarial pool scenes remind me of the ones Orson Welles used later in "The Trial."

I have thought "Prix" could be easily remade again, and set to a rock beat. This contest could get run by an MTV-like channel and some hidden beauty living in a trailer park deep in the U.S. South, or the Bronx, sees it, and her jealous but not completely oafish boyfriend objects to his love being converted into a commodity. His view is not an unsympathetic one, but he's also driven into a passionate, fatal rage. In "Prix" he's shooting her--and basically killing himself, or his freedom anyway. These days, André would probably be shown turning the weapon on himself. And if the director and actor have done their jobs well, the audience would give a collective gasp.

Whether a contemporary film could provide that needed psychological shading and idiosyncratic representation is doubtful. A director equal to the task of the original "Prix" would need to handle it. Otherwise, it'd be just ordinary stuff.

2005 January 14   Great film list, Harry.
Isn't it strange: I was enjoying watching Bergman's 'The Magician this pm and I found myself going over all those wonderful films of the late 50s early 60s in my mind: 'The Seventh Seal', 'L'Avventura', 'Knife in the Water', 'Blow Up' (a little later), Hitchcock and Fellini's work from the period. Why is it so few of the films in the West today are ready to take on serious themes and let the film 'breathe' by letting mystery and ambiguity in ? I like Special FX but they can't take the place of pure cinematic style. Can we point to real film gems from a comparable 6-7 years ?

2004 December 11   Why is there no Jurassic Park?

2004 November 13   I thoroughly enjoyed your two separate cinema reviews of Louise Brooks in Prix de Beauté and The Canary Murder Case. Have you given thought to reviewing the entire catalog of her film appearances?

2004 July 1   Your list coincides with mine - I have it in mind! Nevertheless you omitted "Payer of Promises" (1962) directed by Anselmo Duarte to whom the Palme D'Or (Cannes film festival) was granted in 1962.

2004 February 17   Well, it's really good to see the opinion of an obvious expert! Your list is truly the result of an intelligent brain and educated eyes and gusto! It is annoying to see lists of 'my best films ever' written by idiots that consider The Matrix as a work of art. Congratulations. i have a top four: Battleship Potiomkin, Citizen Kane, La Dolce Vita and 2001 Space Odissey.

2004 January 12   I am very displeased about the fact that the lord of the ring the fellowship of the ring is not on your list