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Below are the comments received that are related to China. For other subjects use the index on the left of the page.

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2005 December 7   I really enjoyed looking at your website and the photos you provided for your travels into China. I also want to let you know that we have a new forum for both Chinese and English speakers and our aim is to move culture and commerce across (the Chinese) borders.

2005 July 4   I am writing to request permission to reprint the following graphics and presentation material from your website: Watchtower of Great Wall of China.

This material will appear as complementary graphic illustration in secondary school science education material - The Science & Technology (S4-5) Curriculum (Compulsory Module) - prepared on behalf of the Curriculum Development Institute of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The curriculum has been implemented since September 2003, with an aim to provide a board and balanced learning experience to students. You may refer to this website for further details of the curriculum. The materials would be used solely for non-profit making educational purpose. Many thanks for the rich resources available in your website.

2005 March 7   Please send me the English Address of Renmin University, China. Thank you.

2005 January 1   Great pics. I am going over to do 6 months at Hubei University teaching English. Have you got any pics of that place?

2004 October 3   I have had a great deal of pleasure looking at your photos of China, especially Wuhan. I visited China with a group of students and academic staff from the University of Sydney in 1978, and Wuhan Uni was included.

It is rare to find photos from that era on the web. You might like to look at some of mine, and a diary of my trip at

I have used (and acknowledged, as requested) a couple of your Wuhan photos (we were too busy and I was being too earnest to take many pics! )

2004 February 29   Thank you for your website. I am a french PhD student in geography, from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. I am about to go to Beijing for 3 weeks of interviews. I am in dire need of affordable student accomodation there. May please help ? Thank you in advance

2003 April 28   In doing a search for [name removed] I came across your site. I worked with [name removed] while living in Japan from 1991-1995. I believe she is still there. You wouldn't happen to have an email for her? Just to confirm she was fluent in Chinese, Russian, and of course English. Or maybe you could forward this to her and give her my current emails. I would like to see what she is up to.