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2006 June 15   I believe your picture of the swimming pool at "Kano Club" might well actually be the swimming pool at Kaduna. I grew up in Nigeria in the 60's and remember learning to swim at that pool in Kaduna, I think. I also recall the new hotel in the bavkground being constructed, but can't remember it's name.

2006 February 18   It's not Kano Club swimming pool on the picture, but swimming pool at Zaria (think that at university)... I am from Poland but I've spend my childhood in Kano...and the Kano Club...

2005 December 16   Just made a nostalgic journey via your web site through places I have worked  . . . Finally 32 years later in 1996 (as a consultant) we spoiled your view of Kano Airport by building an 11 metre Satellite Earth station Antenna on the spot where

[Extracted from a comment relating to the Middle East.]

2005 December 12   It was very interesting to see your pictures and read your memories of Kano. Its a great pity that it is nothing like as clean now as it looked then. I certainly recognised some of the places, it appears they have had little done to them since you left. Its a great pity, if the modern traveller were to spend time looking there they could easily see it is a great city, full of history.

2005 November 17   I currently live and work in Kano (as a pilot) so I found your site interesting. Q: Did you know of the Kano Motor Club in your time? It's still going strong, though it's mostly a social club nowadays.

2005 September 27   Africa and the Middle East were SO much nicer when you were there. What happened?

2004 September 24   Congratulations on your website - really well presented. I particularly relate to the Kano section; my parents lived in Ghana from 1956 to 1963, moving then to Nigeria until 1979. I first remember Kano airport in 1963 as a 5-year-old being scared by the sound of a BOAC 707's four Conways at full reverse screaming out of the darkness, but since Kano was always a stop en route to Accra I probably first landed there in 1958 as an infant. I clearly remember numerous BOAC and, Nigeria Airways and later BCAL flights in and out of Kano when I was at boarding school. I remember the upstairs lounge (with the trader's artefact shop), sitting with cold drinks in the heat, ceiling fans slowly revolving while we waited for the VC10 to arrive from Lagos. Conversely, arrival from UK was always fantastic, arriving around dawn after waking to that incredible sunrise over the Sahara, then skimming low over mudhuts before landing, and the amazing heat and tropical smell as the cabin door opened.

The terminal itself is etched on my mind as the gateway to pleasure (Family/ Nigeria/ warmth) or pain (UK/ separation/ cold) and my concept of "home" still remains in a timewarp of Northern Nigeria in the 1960s. So I was delighted to see your pictures, particularly the one of the terminal. I'd like to research the layout and history of Kano airport - do you have any info. re. layout, history etc?

That's quite a ramble down memory lane! Anyway, good on you for creating your site, and I hope to hear from you.

2004 March 22   I used to be service engineer at UTC Motors (GM Dealer) in Kano from 1965 to 1968, fixing cars like that great Bel Air you show on your site. Sorry, I never met you there. Used to live out in Nassarawa on Lafia Rd. Let's see more of your Kano pictures on your Website.