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Overland by car from Kuwait to London
Day 8 - Istanbul to Sofia
Motel jetty, Sea of Marmara
Jetty at Motel Tatko on the Sea of Marmara

We left Ankara in the early morning and drove the few hundred miles to Istanbul. Istanbul is always a magnificent sight, especially when you are crossing the Bosphorous towards the European city. Founded by the Emperor Constantine as Constantinople, the city of Istanbul today is dominated by minarets and the magnificent Blue Mosque.

But we couldn't linger and drove through Istanbul to find accommodation at one of the motels along the coast of the Sea of Marmara. However that was quickly sorted, and we drove back into Istanbul to join all the other tourists.

This photograph was taken on the jetty of Motel Tatko near Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara where we spent the night.