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Kuwait to London
Kuwait house
This is a photograph which should never have been taken. We had intended to leave Kuwait in the early morning, but when we came to load up it was obvious our Fiat 1500 was overloaded. This necessitated an unscheduled stop at the house of our friends Peter and Pam Goddard where we hastily off-loaded stuff which would then go by sea. They probably thought we were mad to have even considered taking so much gear.

Fortunately the first leg from Kuwait to Ahwaz wasn't too arduous. We had been advised to expect delays at border crossings, but there were no problems at either the Kuwait-Iraq or Iraq-Iran borders.

There were several reasons for our journey. Our Fiat 1500 had been bought new in Kuwait, and no import duty or purchase tax was payable if we imported it personally into the UK and used it there for a further year. But there was a much more important reason. It was an adventure. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that might not come our way again. And I always did fancy my chances as a rally driver!

In retrospect, I would do it again. But at a more reasonable pace. Our schedule was hectic, and our children were really too young to travel so far without more leisure days along the way.