Overland by car from Kuwait to London
Day 1 - via Basra to Ahvaz
Central Ahvaz

This photograph was taken the following morning as we left Ahvaz on the next leg of the journey.

Ahvaz is a city of great antiquity located on the banks of the Karun River. It was built during the Sassanid dynasty and today is the capital of Iran's Khuzestan province.

In 1980 during the Iraq-Iran conflict Iraq attempted to annex Ahvaz and Khuzestan, and Ahvaz suffered greatly during the war. More recently there have been terrorist activities, usually blamed on Arab seperatist movements or foreign interference. Fortunately, at the time we were in Ahvaz, Iran was a very stable country.

The main language spoken in Iran is Farsi, the ancient Indo-European language of Persia. Over the years there have been many systems in use for transliterating Farsi, and Ahvaz is sometimes found transliterated as Ahwaz.

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