Climbing the north-west wall of the Thearlaich-Dubh gap
the Cuillin Ridge traverse, Skye

Peter Clarkson climbing the north-west wall of the Thearlich-Dubh gap.

The Thearlich-Dubh gap lies between Sgurr Dubh and Sgurr Thearlich. The gap is one of the few places where a rope is necessary on the Cuillin Ridge traverse. The climb is about 80 feet and only about Scottish V.Diff (Very Difficult) in standard, but can be a bit of a thrutch in full mountaineering gear, especially if it's wet. As mentioned in the photograph of the south-east wall of the Thearlich-Dubh gap, it has been the cause of several climbing accidents, mainly to inexperienced climbers trying to climb the south-east wall.

Traversing the Thearlich-Dubh gap is easiest if it is approached from the north. It is then possible to abseil down into the gap, and then climb out by the south-east wall which is steep but has plenty of holds.

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