View to the north from Gran Paradiso

The peaks nearest the camera are part of the Gran Paradiso chain of mountains. Herbetet (3778 m) is in the center of the photograph, with Gran Serra (3552 m) to its right. The hanging glacier at the lower left of the photograph is on the West face route up Gran Paradiso.

Further away, in the middle-distance, the peak on the left of the photograph is La Grivola (3969 m), and the one in the centre of the photograph is Punta Rossa. The small peak between them is Punta Nera (3683 m).

Hidden from view between Gran Serra and La Grivola is Colle Lauson (3296 m) which is the pass between the Cogne valley and the Valsavarenche valley.

In the background is the Mont Blanc range, with Monte Blanc towering over all.

The Mountains