GLS / 1980 / Gran Paradiso / Italian Alps
Ciarforon and Becca di Monciair
There was to be an early start on the next day, but before getting our heads down we took a walk up the moraine to the Moncorvé glacier where this photograph was taken.

The peak on the left is Ciarforon (3642 M), showing it's East face. Ciarforon is easily identified by its large snow dome.

The standard route up Ciarforon is from the West, but from the Rifugio Vittori Emanuele there are more 'interesting' ascents to be made by the North-East ridge and the South-East ridge. Both are visible in the photograph.

The peak on the right is Becca di Monciair (3544 m). The standard route is across the Moncorvé glacier to the snow slope leading to the ridge between Ciarforon and Monciair, and then to follow the ridge to the summit. This is the route we had taken when I had climbed Becca di Monciair in June that year with members of the Tuesday Climbing Club.

Becca di Monciair can also be climbed by harder routes up its West face, which is visible in the photograph.