GLS / 1980 / Italian Alps
Valnontey is a small village near Cogne in the Gran Paradiso National Park. For those on a walking, climbing, or trekking holiday in the area, it is a popular place to park before heading up the Valnontey valley.

Many routes start from here, from gentle valley walks to more serious trekking excursions into the mountains or across the high passes into adjacent valleys. A great place for a walking or trekking holiday. There are several mountain huts in the region, the largest being the fully staffed Rifugio Vittorio Sella, although most are simple shelters such as the Money Bivouac.

The peaks at the head of the valley are (from left to right) Gran Croux (3437 m), Becchi della Tribulazione (3642 m), Punta Ceresole (377 m), and Becca di Moncorvè (3875 m) on Gran Paradiso.