GLS / 1980 / Italian Alps
View towards Colle Gran Croux at the head of the Valnontey valley in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Colle Gran Croux is a glacier crossing between the towns of Cogne (on the north side) and Noasca (south side). It can be dangerous as it is subject to avalanches.

The peaks on the left of the picture are Becca della Pazienza (3606 m), Roccia Viva (3650 m), and Becca di Gay (3621 m). The lowest point is the pass of Colle Gran Croux (3315 m), and the peaks on the right are Gran Croux (3437 m), Testa di Valnontey (3562 m, and Testa della Tribolazione (3642 m).