This section contains Behind the Poetic Mask, a collection of articles on the latin poet, Horace. Other articles are forthcoming, including work on Propertius.


Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus 65-8 BCE) is traditionally seen as an eminent literary figure of Rome during the Late Republic, and a client poet of the statesman Maecenas.

The view expressed in these articles is that this perception of Horace is based on little evidence, and has become a stereotype which is handed down and perpetuated as fact rather than hypothesis. Little regard is taken of Horace's real role in Roman politics and his true relationship to Maecenas and Octavian, the future Emperor Augustus.

Behind the Poetic Mask is an attempt to redress the balance and drag Horace back into history from where he is now imprisoned on the literary-studies shelf.

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