View of Central District, Victoria City
(Photographs of British Hong Kong in the 1950s)

Victoria City was created by the British after the capture of Hong Kong Island in the early 1840s. It has since expanded and spread out along the shore of the harbour, and the site of the original Victoria City is now known as Central District. For most of the Twentieth Century, Central District was the political and financial centre of Hong Kong.

In the 1950s Victoria City was a mixture of 19th Century Colonial-style architecture and 20th Century modernism. The two multi-storey buildings in the photograph were the tallest in Hong Kong at the time.

Note the colonial-style building just left of center. Those wide and airy verandahs were essential before air-conditioning was available.

This photograph of Victoria City was taken from the Star Ferry which in the 1950s provided the main means of travel between Victoria City and Kowloon.

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