GLS / 1956 / Hong Kong
Stanley Fort is on Stanley Peninsula at the southern side of Hong Kong Island. It has a long military history. It was originally built for the British Hong Kong garrison, but became a prisoner of war camp during World War II. At the end of the war Stanley Fort reverted to its former purpose and during the early 1950s the fort was the home of the 27th Heavy Anti-aircraft Regiment and a small R.E.M.E. workshop facility.

After Stanley Fort ceased to be used by the British Army, it became the Kai Chi Children's Centre and Aberdeen Rehabilitation Centre. Since the return of Hong Kong to China, Stanley Fort has been used by the Peoples Liberation Army.

In the 1950s the barrack rooms at Stanley were the three-storied buildings on the left. The left-most building in the central island was the Other Ranks mess hall, and the two-storey building on the right housed the NAAFI. The medical facilities were in the building partly obscured by the hill, and the small, complex building to its right was the Company HQ. The parade ground and vehicle and equipment park are out of shot to the right of the photograph.