This section includes film reviews and criticism, with a primary - but not exclusive - focus on movies from the 1920s and 1930s.

So why bother to read my stuff? Isn't the world awash with such movie trivia? Of course, but I hope that here you may find something new.

Most film reviews or critical articles are written from within the industry or the groves of academe. But the professional writer can never step too far out of line. In academia careers have to be considered, and being iconoclastic is hardly ever the smart move.

Within the flm industry, reviews are a product to be sold. Public opinion must not be antagonized. A 'classic' movie must never be disparaged for fear somebody will be offended. And no movie - no matter how brilliant - dare be given an accolade if it strays from mainstream standards of morality.

- You say the movie's about a prostitute?
- OK, knock off half a star.
- But she repents in the end?
- You don't think so? Better make that two.
In contrast nobody is going to make money out of what is written here. Nor build a career. So read on. You have all the benefits of the Internet - it's free, and if you don't like it you can dump it with a single click.