This section contains a sketch for a history of Lord Byron from 1816 to 1822, DARK SUMMERS. Other articles are to be added.

DARK SUMMERS explores Lord Byron's encounters with Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Godwin, and Claire Clairmont, 1816-1822.

Byron has always been a fascinating figure. Even today when two centuries have passed since his birth, a new biography appears every few years. There are Byron societies, journals, newsletters, webrings, internet forums, reading groups - all this for the man who so famously wrote that he 'woke up and found myself famous.'

Unfortunately, for most people Byron's fame is transcended by his notoriety. Few people read Don Juan or Child Harold today, and all that they know about Byron is derived from what Hollywood or TV deems a money-spinner. No one makes money from poetry, but there are profits to be made from portraying Byron as a dissolute, bisexual aristocrat who is reputed to have sodomized his half-sister.

It is hoped that these pages will go some way to readdress the balance and remove the shabby varnish which has been added over the years.

To anyone who has studied Byron in any depth, it should be clear that the present writer feels a much greater affinity with Doris Langley More, Iris Origo, and Michael Foot, rather than some of our more recent biographers.