Abu Dhabi Airport
GLS / 1963 / Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Airport
In the early 1960s Abu Dhabi was one of the Sheikhdoms known as the Trucial States. The capital of Abu Dhabi was hardly more than a village, and the airfield - one would hesitate to call it an airport - consisted of a strip of sand and a barrusti hut which contained the radio equipment. There was no control tower at Abu Dhabi, and to see if the runway was clear for an aircraft to land, the air traffic controller had to look out of the barrusti door.

The only airline which visited Abu Dhabi regularly was Gulf Aviation which provided a daily service to all the small states in the Gulf. The two aircraft shown here are Gulf Aviation Herons.

Today Abu Dhabi is a member state of the United Arab Emirates.

My apologies for the poor quality of this photograph. When it was taken I never imagined it would have any historical significance!