GLS / 1964-67 / Nigeria
Traders on Nassarawa Road, Kano
There was a regular spot on Kano's Nassarawa Road where Nigerian traders displayed their wares. They also cycled around Kano's residential areas. The items for sale typically consisted of leather pouffes and camel sadles, carved faux-ebony heads, African musical instruments, wooden masks, and the inevitable African birds made from cow horn. Almost everyone who spent any time in Nigeria eventually succumbed and went home with the complete set.

Occasionally one of the Nassarawa Road traders might have something more interesting, but essentially the stuff was purpose-made to sell to Europeans passing through Nigeria. I once saw an unusual African mask that looked quite bizarre and asked the trader it's purpose. He scratched his head, clearly having no idea himself. "For hanging on wall?" he suggested. "Look very good on wall."

Ah, yes... Silly me.