Nigeria Airways Dakota DC3
GLS / 1964-67 / Nigeria
Nigeria Airways DC3 5N-AAL 'Dakota' at Kano Airport
The Douglas Aircraft Company 'Dakota' DC3 was the workhorse of Nigeria Airways, as it was for many domestic airlines during the 1960s. Nigeria Airways covered the internal Nigerian routes and the DC3 was a familiar site at Kano Airport.

This particular aircraft, 5N-AAL, type C-47 A-30-DK, was built in 1944. 5N-AAL is reported to have crashed at Lagos during the civil war era on January 17, 1968, while being operated by the Nigerian Air Force.

Note for aircraft buffs!

The DC3 was first flown in 1939 and served in World War II. The nomenclature DC3 was the original US Army Air Force (USAAF) type designation, but the DC3 is also known as the C-47, the Dakota, or the Skytrain. There are still DC3 aircraft in commercial service today.

In US Army nomenclature, the DC in DC3 stands for manufacturer 'Douglas Aircraft Company', type 'cargo', and the 3 indicates it was the third design supplied (or proposed) by Douglas. In 1947 the US Army dropped the manufacturer designation and design number, and the DC3 became the C-47. The 47 indicates the 47th cargo aircraft type supplied to the US Army.