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I joined International Aeradio Ltd (IAL) in 1962, and was employed initially in the Middle East followed by a short spell in Gibraltar before being posted to Kano in 1964.

At Kano Airport, International Aeradio Ltd were responsible for air traffic control and maintenance of the radio and navigational aid equipment. At that time Kano Airport was an important stop on the Northern Nigerian civil aviation routes, and was also a refuelling point for flights bound for South Africa.

I and my family served a first tour consisting of fifteen months in Kano followed by three month's leave in the UK. The three month's leave was essential for health reasons. Malaria was endemic in Nigeria, plus other nasties. However it would be wrong to paint too dark a picture - most IAL wives travelled back to the UK when a child was due, but our second child was born at Kano's Nassarawa Hospital.

A second tour at Kano Airport followed but this was interrupted by a military coup, and I returned to the UK in 1967.