Kano Central Hotel, Nigeria, Africa, 1964

Kano Central Hotel with Citroen DS (Nigeria, Africa)

The Central Hotel was one of the few places to eat in Kano in the 1960s. There were many Europeans who worked in Kano, either in commerce or employed by the Nigerian Government. Usaully they lived in bungalows, but most would have spent the first night after their arrival at the Central Hotel.

Note the Citroen DS, one of the truly great cars of the age - or any age for that matter. For any automobile aficianado the technological advances of the Citroen DS gave it a certain cachet. And who could resist the Citroen's space age looks or the way it won the Cross Sahara Rally with such aplomb?

The main European competitor of the Citroen DS was the British Jaguar 3.8, but whereas the appeal of the Jaguar relied to a certain extent on its middle-class snobissme with its famous bonnet mascot and leather and walnut interior trim, the Citroen DS was a truly republican car. A car suitable for the decade when man first set foot on the moon.