Kano Airport (Northern Nigeria, Africa)

Kano Airport was several miles outside of Kano city. During the 1960s it was not a busy airport but it had a strategic significance in being the refuelling point for the longhaul flights from Europe to South Africa, and the international flights whose main destination was the Nigerian capital, Lagos. Regular visitors were KLM, South African Airways, and British Airways (or as it then known, BOAC - the British Overseas Airline Company). It was also one of the stops for the Nigeria Airways flights that covered the internal Nigerian routes.

The Airport's other claim to fame was in possessing one of the few restaurants in Kano. The only other places to eat were the Kano Hotel, the Kano Club, or the so-called French Restaurant. What the cuisine at the French Restaurant had been like originally could only be conjectured because while we were in Kano the only thing on the menu was omelette.

However it has to be said it was a very good omelette.