Fulani cattle near Kano (Nigeria, Africa)

The Fulani lived a semi-nomadic life, herding their distinctive cattle to where grazing was best. Fulani cattle were a common sight around Kano and elsewhere in Northern Nigeria. The horns on Fulani cattle can be enormous, and were used throughout West Africa to create ornamental birds. They were sold all over Nigeria by itinerant traders.

The Fulani are an ancient people who have been an influence in the history of West Africa for more than a millenium. They have had made a significant contribution to the politics of the region and the spread of Islam. The Fulani empire was at its peak during the 19th Century and was centered in northern Nigeria.

The Original Fulani were of North Africa or Middle eastern origin. They maintain a strict caste system: nobility, merchants, blacksmiths, and descendents of former slaves.